About Us

Our Mission in Five Words:

Empowering Equality,
Unleashing Exceptional Talent

Our Mission

We aim to be the leading executive search firm that prioritizes equality, diversity, and inclusion in the search process, ensuring every voice is valued. We firmly believe that by combining our extensive expertise from development sectors, insights from mission-driven entities, and private corporate industries, we can drive transformative change.

Our Vision

We strive to be a guiding light in the journey toward a better society. Through our enduring commitment to breaking down barriers, fostering empowerment, and nurturing a future marked by equality and inclusivity, we unite visionary leaders with organizations deeply dedicated to creating a meaningful impact. Our vision is to be a cornerstone in the collective effort to craft a world that is not only fair and sustainable but also more equitable for all.

Our Guiding Principles

Are the values that we rely on to shape our recruitment approach.



We understand that diverse teams drive better outcomes and innovation. We're committed to anti-racism, rights of the LGBTQ2+/LGBTQIA+ communities, inclusion, accessibility, and recognizing the importance of Indigenous identities. Every day, we cultivate an environment where individuals feel genuinely welcome, valued, heard, and respected for their unique essence and contributions.

Talent has no gender identity.

Feminist Leadership

Feminist Leadership

Feminist leadership principles lie at the core of HRIC Executive Search, founded on the pillars of self-awareness, self-care, and a genuine commitment to caring for others. We actively emphasize transparency, accountability, and collaborative decision-making not only within our team but also throughout every phase of the search process, fostering an environment where our clients and stakeholders are not just heard but genuinely respected.

LATAM Advantage

LATAM Advantage

Proudly having Latin origins, HRIC celebrates the distinct strengths of Latin America and the Global South. As these regions collectively represent a considerable fraction of the world's populace and economic dynamism, integrating their insights into our recruitment strategy offers organizations a gateway to a richer talent landscape. This not only empowers firms with a diverse workforce but also primes them for success in global markets.



We hold partnership as the foundation to our success. Our priority is to build trust by maintaining clear, honest, and open communication. As inquisitive HR professionals, we seamlessly integrate into your organization. This bond involves a commitment from both parties to achieve common goals, ensuring alignment and a great outcome!