Why Collaborate With Us?​

We got the experience!

 +20 years of progressive experience driving recruitment strategies globally for nonprofits and the private sector, leading cross-border searches and managing international teams across diverse geographies. Our expansive experience across diverse geographies has empowered us to understand the nuanced demands and unique challenges of various markets, enabling us to effectively align candidates with organizational cultures and visions.

We are Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiters (CDR) and Professional Recruiter Certified (PRC) professionals. These certifications confirm our commitment to fostering workplaces that honor diversity, positioning us at the forefront of inclusive recruitment practices.

Our team is culturally diverse and most significantly, this initiative is not just our profession—it’s our dream come true, our calling and our purpose.

Proudly Canadian, Uniquely Diverse:

Deeply rooted in Canadian values and enriched by Latin origins, we underscore the dynamism of Latin America and the Global South. These regions, with strong economic growth and untapped potential, not only shape our recruitment strategy but also reinforce our commitment to cultural diversity and our embrace of intersectionality, ensuring organizations have access to a wide-ranging talent pool.

Our Canadian heritage goes beyond geography and our respect for nature. It stands as a testament to our commitment to creating a space of genuine inclusion. We warmly welcome individuals of all gender identities to apply.

Unbiased Assessment:

We utilize robust frameworks designed to eradicate unconscious biases, ensuring evaluations that genuinely represent each candidate’s capabilities and potential.

Our approach champions an inclusive methodology, prioritizing talent recognition beyond gender or any other label, upholding diversity at its core.

Embracing intersectionality, we carry out assessments with unwavering impartiality. This ensures a fair, prejudice-free process where every individual is assessed equitably, adhering to objective standards without any hint of discrimination or favoritism.

HRIC Executive Search

We are built on the belief that by merging our expertise and experience from development sectors with insights from mission-driven entities and private corporate industries, we can foster transformative change. Our distinctive team is made up of experienced professionals from both the private sector and the international development field.