Executive Search & strategy

Connecting talent
with purpose,
for a more equal world

HRIC Executive Search & Strategy is a Canadian retained Firm inspired by Equality and Talent. We pride ourselves on our boutique nature. This means we are agile, attentive, and deeply committed to every client and candidate. Our global perspective is about understanding the nuances of different cultures, economic landscapes, and organizational structures. This insight allows us to provide strategic tailormade solutions that transcend borders.

Our executive search services go beyond traditional recruitment methodologies, as we place great emphasis on promoting diversity and equality throughout the hiring process.

By partnering with us, you will benefit from:

Customized for Impact:

Our executive search is customized to your organization’s heart— it magnifies your organization’s culture through a lens of equality and representation. Delving deep into your unique needs, we spotlight exceptional talents who bring more than just skill and experience; they amplify your culture, making sure it mirrors and serves the diversity of our communities. Because when your team reflects the world around us, everyone wins.

Inclusive Talent Pool:

We proactively tap into a diverse network of top-tier professionals. Our comprehensive candidate sourcing strategies attract a broad range of candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures, including underrepresented groups, ensuring a fair and inclusive selection process. We wholeheartedly welcome all gender identities, firmly believing that talent knows no gender boundaries.

Unbiased Assessment:

Our team employs rigorous assessment techniques designed to evaluate candidates based on their qualifications, competencies, and potential for success. We have established robust frameworks that help eliminate unconscious biases, ensuring a fair evaluation that highlights the true capabilities and potential of each candidate.

Long-Term Partnership:

Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you, working hand in hand to build a diverse and high-performing executive team that reflects your organization’s values and cultural alignment. We view our engagement as a strategic collaboration, and we continuously adapt our approach to meet your evolving needs and organizational trends.

HRIC Executive Search

HRIC Executive Search is a proudly Latina – Canadian Woman-Owned firm with a personal commitment to overall Equality. As such, we always celebrate the invaluable contributions of the Global South and Latin America by integrating these perspectives into our recruitment and search strategies.

By choosing our Executive Search services, you are not only investing in finding exceptional leaders but also making a statement about your commitment to diversity, equality and talent.