Our Services

Our services are focused on senior-level recruitment. We believe that finding and recognizing talent is a craft work developed over time and dedication.

Strategy Consulting - With Purpose:

Our approach centers on the belief that true solutions emerge from an organization’s people, values, and vision. We specialize in strategic planning, global expansion, fundraising strategy, and leadership transition support. Our goal is to empower organizations by nurturing inclusive cultures that value each individual’s unique contributions, paving the way for a brighter, more successful future.

Cross-Sector Executive Search - Our Holistic Approach:

Merging insights from development, mission-driven, and corporate sectors, we meticulously curate recruitment strategies to unveil leaders who are exceptional and align with your values. Our approach, grounded in equality and talent, focuses on finding individuals who are more than leaders – they are true reflections of your organization’s mission and culture.

Hire Latino Talent with Us!:

Embrace the LATAM advantage with HRIC and enhance your organization in the USA, Canada, or Europe with the unique strengths of Latin American talent. Benefit from the practical time zone proximity for real-time collaboration, bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English, and rich cultural insights from diverse backgrounds.

Global Reach Impact:

Leveraging our far-reaching networks and deep insights, we deliver services with a global scope, with access to a varied and inclusive talent pool. We integrate private sector insight with mission-driven approaches, leveraging unique perspectives from the Global South and Latin America to create holistic recruitment strategies.