Our Services

Our services are focused on senior-level recruitment. We believe that finding and recognizing talent is a craft work developed over time and dedication.

Strategy Consulting - With Purpose:

Revolutionize your organization with HRIC’s Strategy Consulting. Our expert team specializes in strategic planning, global expansion, and leadership transition, diving deep into the heart of your organization. We champion a purpose-driven approach, fostering inclusive cultures where every individual’s contribution is celebrated. 

We see ourselves as facilitators guiding you toward your next steps, drawing on our extensive experience across development sectors, mission-driven entities, and private corporate industries. Our team’s diversity enriches our strategic expertise and seasoned guidance, ensuring that we can help you navigate the complex challenges and opportunities that your organization faces.

Cross-Sector Executive Search - Our Holistic Approach:

At HRIC, we redefine executive search with a holistic approach, where diversity meets search strategy.

As Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiters, we lead with inclusive practices to find leaders who not only fit your needs but also drive transformative change. Our service transcends traditional placement, encompassing change management and strategic guidance for seamless executive integration.

Trust HRIC to ensure a successful, well-rounded leadership transition, enriching your organization with diversity and excellence.

Hire Latino Talent with Us!:

Embrace the LATAM advantage with HRIC and enhance your organization in the USA, Canada, or Europe with the unique strengths of Latin American talent. Benefit from the practical time zone proximity for real-time collaboration, bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English, and rich cultural insights from diverse backgrounds.

Latin American professionals are celebrated for their resilient work ethic, adaptability, and the vibrant, innovative perspectives they bring. Join us in acknowledging the cultural diversity and economic dynamism of Latin America and the Global South. 

Global Reach Impact:

Leveraging our far-reaching networks and deep insights, we deliver services with a global scope, with access to a varied and inclusive talent pool. We integrate private sector insight with mission-driven approaches, leveraging unique perspectives from the Global South and Latin America to create holistic recruitment strategies.