¡No es necesario que confíes en nuestra palabra sobre lo que hacemos y cómo lo hacemos! Vea lo que tienen que decir las personas que han trabajado con nosotros


Guy Nae

Public Sector Head of Google Cloud SpLatam

“You don’t get to work with Adriana. You have the privilege as a candidate that she reaches out to you, or if you are not her client she may reach out to offer you an incredible talent without asking for business in return. If you are already a client, she is more than a Headhunter. She takes a close interest in your business, before during and after your needs have been met. She is not a vendor, she is your business partner. It’s hard to recommend Adriana because she really doesn’t need any recommendation, she’s an asset!”

“Adriana was a key member of our leadership team, having HR responsibility for over 2400 associates. She was very proactive in driving the implementation of various innovative HR practices while at the same time was a coach to myself and her peers.”


Ronald Bradley

VP Operations /Global Manufacturing


Bernhard Nann

Operating Executive & Board Member

“Adriana was an instrumental contributor in building Datacredit from scratch. She was a highly effective and critical partner to me as the Managing Director of this startup company. Adriana’s high energy level and prowess at attracting and evaluating candidates – not just for skill and talent but for the critical cultural fit – were a significant factor in growing Datacredit rapidly. She also was in tune with our staff and managed our HR function in a highly professional manner.”

“Under Adriana’s leadership, the Staffing and Selection Organization of Kodak de Mexico was able to support a substantial growth that tripled the total HCI to reach a level close to 5 000 employees in less than two years. Adriana showed great understanding and management of the Staffing processes, setting very high standards for the Staffing team in terms of clients satisfaction, time to hire and cost of hire. Another key skill from Adriana is that she can build a high-performance and committed team. Adriana´s team supported all Kodak de Mexico staffing requirements that include All Business Units, Functions, and manufacturing Organizations.”


Raul Hernandez Arthur

Human Resources Executive


Rubén Macias

Finance & Operations Professional 

“Sin duda el profesionalismo queda de manifiesto en cada interaccion con Adriana, siempre dispuesta a escuchar y buscar la mejor alternativa asi como su integridad y etica hacen de sus servicios como ejecutiva del area de RH un valor agregado para cualquier organización.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Adriana Robles on a recruitment process for a position in Brazil. Adriana is an extraordinary professional with exceptional communication skills and a great ability to connect with the local market in Brazil. A fantastic person, someone to trust, reliable, confident and with a great technical knowledge.”


Rafael Lopes dos Santos

Sr. Director, HR Latin America


Cuca Bordon

Global HRBP Director

“I had the pleasure to meet Adriana during a recruiting process. She is one of the kindest and caring person you could ever meet. The way she does the process and how she deals with people is a true role model. She cares about people, not only the process, making her someone you immediatly trust! Adriana, it´s been a pleasure working with you! Thank you for everything!”

“I am greatly impressed with how Adriana brings a real difference to the executive search, as it relates to the candidates. I recently completed a process with her and can only share how smooth it was, how well disciplined, how much she really cared about bridging the company needs with my expertise, how transparent and honest the information was all the time, but above all, how very close she was to me during the whole process ensuring it went perfect. She handled it all so easily, as no doubt is just how she works. We did have some difficult moment, all flawlessly handled as well. Thanks Adriana for taking to a next level, the executive search process.”


Eliseo Duno

International Operations Executive

Ana Rosa Alcalde González-Torres

Engage Director, Action Aid International

“Ha sido un placer conocer a Adriana. Adriana es una gran profesional de los procesos de seleccion y apoya a sus candidat@s de una manera cercana y util. Adriana sabe reconocer los valores, las fortalezas y los conocimientos que las personas aportamos, de la misma forma que ayuda a trabajar nuestras areas de mejora. Muchas gracias Adriana!”

“Adriana es capaz de acompañarte en los procesos de una forma tan empoderante, que aunque no consigas la posicion a la que aspirabas aprendes de ella lo necesario para seguir mejorando en tu actual posicion. Excelentes consejos.”

Mayra Moro-Coco

Consultora Internacional en Políticas Públicas y Derecho de las Mujeres/ Derechos Humanos

Alexandre Roux

Director of Human Resources-IMD Business School

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Adriana last summer. I deeply valued her global and qualitative expertise in the field of People and Culture. She is fast in understanding organisational context and therefore able to bring efficient solutions! Thx Adriana and looking forward for further collaboration with you!