Executive Search

Whether recruiting a new Director, General Manager, CFO, COO, VP, or any key position that impact and transform an organization directly, executive search requires a deep rooted analysis with specialized tools in order to be sensitive to the current and future needs of the company.

Our intuition, character judgment, insight of the entrepreneurial world and deep expertise makes us a one-of-a-kind service. We create a personalized and tailored process that leads to a close relationship with our clients and applicants.

Executive search is the art of matching talent with opportunity. It’s a skill that needs to be executed by professionals with proven international experience and insight about top executive talent. Looking for outstanding leaders, we work as a team with world class organizations in Mexico, Canada and Latin America.

¿Why choose our Executive Search service?

  • We aid organizations by offering a high-quality, specialized and select executive search service to a competitive cost.
  • The candidates search is carried-on by professionals with international experience and thorough understanding of organizational governance in national, international, multinational, global and transnational companies.
  • Our process, strategic mapping and vision, guarantees a long-term solution to our clients.
  • Our responsibility doesn’t end when we deliver a finalist, we follow-up with our clients and candidates so we can assure that the work relationship is successful and fulfilling for both parties.

Our HRIC COMPATIBILITY EVALUATION™, guarantees a long-term solution to our clients by ensuring empathy and affinity between our clients and the candidates.